30 Second Commercial? Forget it!

In a recent chamber meeting, the people in attendance were invited to ‘stand and give your 30 second commercial’.

Scarier than Halloween I tell you.

First, few people apparently know how long “30 seconds” really is. Most took well over a minute. And I’m being kind when I say that, too!

Second, most had no idea or plan of what to say. So they rambled. And rambled. And… well, you get the idea. The term ‘verbal diarrhea’ sort of seems apt to me in retrospect.

Third, those who had a semblance of a structured ‘commercial’—their Elevator Speech as it’s popularly known—sounded more CUTE than ATTRACTIVE and, as a result, they didn’t get what they really wanted — RESPONSE from any qualified people in the room to want to know more about them and the services they offered.

I’m not belaboring the need for a tight commercial. But for the love of ____, please learn how to use the O. B. C. or ‘One Breath Commercial’.

It’s simple: You have to be able to say it in ONE breath. Why? Because any longer and the average American’s attention span will be exceeded and your message will be lost on them.

Here’s the formula:

FIRST… “I work with _________________________” Mention the kind of person or ‘Ideal Client’ you are best suited to help or want to work with as an ‘ideal client’. The qualified people in the room will identify with their ‘description’ and pay attention to what you are about to say next.

SECOND… “And I help them to ________________________ …” Here, you want to describe the beneficial difference you create in a client’s life. Again, if that’s attractive to the very kind of people you want to attract, you’ll find you will… attract them to you before the meeting’s over.

Once they come up and identify themselves to you… THEN… it’s time for a more involved ‘commercial’ about ‘how’ you create those cool benefits you referred to in your O.B.C.

See… that was easy, wasn’t it?

Go and use it with potential prospects and I bet you’ll soon see what wonderful ‘magic’ you can create—both for them and yourself.

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