What You Don’t Say… Matters!

I read a post on a blog of Sri Dasgupta. Sri is an author (Effortless Networking) and fellow marketeer. I interviewed Sri earlier this year for an article I wrote. I’ve enjoyed her blog posts and she just addressed an issue I want to share with you.

The issue?

That saying ‘too much’ and ‘too soon’ with a person you’re just meeting can be deleterious to your wealth.

Here’s the point I’m making:
“Saying just enough about you / what you do to spark interest is good. Saying too much can hurt you.”

Read her post… and think TWICE… maybe THREE TIMES… before you go beyond a ‘One Breath Commercial’.

Also, keep in mind that your objective with a brand new contact is usually to secure an appointment for further discussion, not to have that discussion ‘on the spot’.

Think about it . . . and practice it. You and your banker will be more familiar because of it!
People who don’t know when to shut-UP are usually shut-DOWN!

Check out Sri’s posting here: CLICK HERE

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