Keeping In Touch?

Today was a telling day.

2 lessons.

First, “Being There Really IS Important!”

Second, “Keeping In Touch Really IS Important”

Allow me to explain.

Last fall we had our home stained. As part of the work, we had a lot of our trim replaced. But, not all of it. In fact, not even most of it.

We told the contractor, “Let’s do the rest in the spring”. He agreed.

Well, it’s now summer. Spring came. Spring went. We never heard from the contractor.

Enter a new contact who is, of course, a contractor.

“Can you do trim?”, I asked. “Of course!”. “Good. Call my wife and let’s get this project underway.”

I am disappointed. The first contractor had a ‘signed check’ waiting to be picked up. Why he didn’t FOLLOW-UP, I don’t know.

Bottom line: Failing to follow-up was costly.

Lesson: Keep your promises. Especially your ‘promise’ to keep-in-touch and stay-in-mind. Past clients are already sold on you. Don’t blow a good thing. And if you need help, get a client cultivation system in place to make sure you do.

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