Learn to say, “I don’t know”

I just spoke with a client who has suffered a loss… of confidence and credibility in a vendor. Who, by the way, is also a client.

As a business adviser, clients often ask for a referral to another vendor.

For whatever reason, the vendor I introduced to my client, when asked a question, gave an incorrect answer.

Unfortunately, the vendor didn’t say, “I don’t know”. As a result, the prospect now thinks this vendor is someone who can’t be trusted.

And, by association, I’ve been dragged into question for having made the referral to someone who would say ‘anything’ vs. “I don’t know”.

There’s been a serious loss of credibility. For everyone. It could’ve been avoided. If someone had the guts to admit they don’t know something.

The lesson:
Pride goes before the fall… from grace. Learn to embrace your limitations. Acknowledge your ignorance. It will build your credibility and… your revenues, too!

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