“Do I know you? No, Seriously . . . do I know you?”

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This is a cute one.

I just got an email from a salesperson for an extremely large, renowned international company asking (very nicely!) what my current level of interest in using their service is, if any. She goes on to challenge me by asking if she should just “remove me from her database”.

OK, here’s the joke.

I have been a client of this firm since last October! Happily so, too.

Apparently, while the ‘move’ to ask me to “________ or get off the pot” is one I personally admire, it isn’t appropriate. Not here, anyway.


First, because it isn’t necessary—I AM a client.

Second, it reflects a gross ignorance of her knowledge of who I am and where I’m at vis a vis buying her company’s service.

While I applaud the attempt to follow-up, I think her company just gave me a ‘behavioral message’ that I’m considered a ‘number’ and not a ‘valued relationship’ to them.

If you make the effort to contact a prospect, have a SYSTEM in place to stay top-of-mind with them.

And make sure that system allows you to know WHO you’re cultivating and WHERE they are in their buying-cycle.

If you don’t, you’ll either lose business opportunities you should be closing and/or you’ll come off like someone who doesn’t value your business relationships.

If you’re reading this post and it’s setting off some alarms… here’s something you may like to know. I have just entered into a strategic alliance with a firm that specializes in designing, installing, training and supporting smaller firms and professional practices to have a system to treat people as people, not numbers and cultivate the value they offer your firm… as long as you keep-in-touch and stay-in-mind.


Call me: Bill Doerr, CCO / SellMore Marketing, LLC: 860-798-6964

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