Want to become ATTRACTIVE to prospective clients?

In an article in RainToday, author Michael McLaughlin discusses the value of offering an assessment service as a means to differentiating you in the marketplace of ‘Me-too’ consultants.

I couldn’t agree more! In fact, I love this guy!

McLaughlin is ‘real’… at least, he’s living in the real world based on his article. Here are three ‘truths’ I see in the article I am compelled to share with you…

Point 1: Unpaid Consulting
McLaughlin says “Never do anything for free” as it devalues your service. I would add that a prospective client who agrees to do anything for ‘free’ isn’t really invested in the project or outcome. A nominal fee is a key ‘qualifier’ of which prospects are really interested in the outcomes you can offer.

Point 2: “Clients pay for insight, not (just) methodology”
Spot on! If a computer can do the work you do, you SHOULD be out of work. Actually, this is an opportunity for you to reveal how you make sense of discrepancies… that the client either missed or doesn’t appreciate the significance of addressing!

Point 3: “Start small, stay long”
An assessment service is like going on a date with a prospective client. If the first one goes well, then both sides have a solid basis for taking more involved and involving steps together over time.

Overall, Mr. McLaughlin offers some cogent and coherent advice that is going to make anyone who acts upon it… better for it.

Nice article! Check it out:


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