Duct Tape Marketing Conference was SUPER!

I just returned from a conference in Kansas City, MO for Duct Tape Marketing Coaches. As a DTM Coach since 2005, I found this year’s conference or ‘gathering’ to be the best yet.

We spent three great days together with John Jantsch, founder of Duct Tape Marketing and one of the most prolific people I’ve ever met.

What was really exciting about this meeting was the degree to which the coaches, not John, were the main contributors on the program. That is symptomatic of the significant growth of the community of coaches—a sign of great progress for the Duct Tape Marketing brand in a relatively short time.

The other thing I found quite interesting was the unveiling of a new program that is, well… absolutely FANTASTIC!

While the unveiling of a whole new offering is a few weeks away, all I can say is that it combines one of the most fantastic combinations of valuable services for helping a small to mid-size business market itself. Stay tuned for more details as they are released in the next two weeks.

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