Attitude -> Altitude

In a former life, I was a pilot.  And one of the lessons I learned while learning to fly an aircraft is that the ATTITUDE of my aircraft would determine the ALTITUDE I would reach.

Without getting overly technical, this ‘rule’ only works when there’s adequate forward thrust.  But I digress . . . ‘-)

How does this apply to you and your business?  Simple.  Your mental attitude also has a lot to do with the success you’ll achieve for your business.

And, just as the ‘drag’ or friction factor can compromise an aircraft’s ability to fly, an “I can’t” attitude can compromise your  businesss’ performance faster than you can say, “MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY”.

Here’s a quick video that I feel makes some good points you can use to keep your head on straight — afterall, in turbulence, when you’re the pilot, it is your responsibility to keep ‘flying the aircraft’.  I hope you remember to keep ‘running the business’ — no matter what’s going on in the economy.  

Remember . . . FLY YOUR AIRCRAFT! 

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