The Power of 3


I’m listening to Clark Howard, the popular radio show host whose claim to fame is to help people, “Spend Less, Save More and Avoid Getting Ripped Off!”.  

Earlier today, I was with a client whose claim to fame is help her clients create a business where the “Employees are Happy, Customers are Loyal and Competitors are Very, Very Nervous!”.  At a recent meeting with yet another client, I heard her claim . . . “We manage your books so you can manage your business”.  “Odd” I thought.  “Only two claims there”.  So I suggested a third . . . “and have a life!”.  It just seemed to work.  

untitledThere’s just something memorable about making three (3) claims about your business.  Like prunes.  Two may not be enough to do the job you want.  Four may be overkill and asking for trouble!  

Remember this power of 3 . . . and find 3 things you offer that make you memorable and valuable to your target market.

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