What Are You Reading?

I’m a big fan of keeping your mental focus on things that help you, not hurt you.

Obviously, that applies to what you read, too. Afterall, ‘garbage IN = garbage OUT’.

Just like your body, what you put in your head has lot to do with how well it works.

Here’s a suggestion . . . READ A BUSINESS BOOK. It almost doesn’t matter what you read as long as you’re reading something.

Here’s another suggestion . . . read The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott.  

new-rulesIt’s a good read.  Why?  Because it’s going to give you an EDGE on your competitors who don’t (or, won’t) read it.  

As Bob Dylan once wrote, “The times they are a-changing . . . ” Yes, they are.  And staying on top of / ahead of the pack is more important now than ever.  

Remember . . . “The only dog on a dog-sled team that gets a change of scenery is the LEAD dog!”

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