Who MOST Cares About Your Business?


In Session #2 of The Marketing Club, we discuss this issue in far greater depth and detail.  

But what it comes down to is this . . . “Who REALLY cares about the BENEFICICIAL DIFFERENCE you can create for them with your business product or service?”

For example, consider someone I call “The Midnight Dentist”.  dentistThis is a dentist who, upon graduation from Dental School, decided that he didn’t want to join an existing dental practice as a ‘junior associate’ and hope to (one day!) become a partner.

Only problem is, equipping a fully-equipped dental office and operatory is rather expensive.  Far more so than our ‘Dr. Midnight’ had to invest while struggling to pay off the student loans he incurred during college and dental school.

Solution?  He goes to a local dental group with a great proposition.  “Let me use your office ‘after hours’.  I’ll pay you a percentage of my billings as rent”.  The ‘daytime’ dentists realized they were making no money ‘after hours’ so they agreed.  

Then, Dr. Midnight approaches the local factories and tells the employees “I’m a dentist who specializes in people who work second shift and know what hard work is . . . and I’m open from midnight to 6 AM!”.  

Long story short, the young dentist soon had a thriving practice working with largely 2nd shift factory workers who he knew these factory workers, “. . . can never  find a dentist who’s willing to accommodate our work schedule!”  

Oh yes.  Market research?  Dr. Midnight’s father worked second shift in an auto factory in Michigan!  See, researching your ideal market pays off when you want to attract it to you!

A little odd?  OK, I’ll grant you that.  But seriously . . . look at the lesson here:  if you find a market that you’re suited to work with and you can communicate why you’re attractive to the members of that market . . . you’ll probably do very, very well!”

If you’d like to learn more about how to identify and attract your ‘ideal’ market for your business, products and services . . . come to one of our weekly webinars on the topic.  You’ll be under no obligation to do anything other than show up and, I hope, learn something of value to you.

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