The Reality Hits Home


untitledOn Saturday I was with a fellow business owner whose business has, after a very profitable and productive lifetime, reached the proverbial end of the road.  

Out of human decency, I’m not going to identify this business.  That’s not why I’m posting this.  

The owners are a husband and wife.  The business was started by her parents.  Then it was passed on the to next generation.  The wife recognized my wife and me when we came in the store.  She had tears in her eyes. The recent economy has hit their target market pretty hard.  They offer an upscale service.  Apparently, even the ‘deep pockets’ out there are holding on to their money.  That’s killed the business.  The market crash and credit tightening has caused this situation to become untenable.

I feel badly for this couple.  They’re really wonderful people.  

Tonight on the evening news, Brian Williams had a story about the people in Elkhart, IN who, as a town, have had their financial legs cut out from under them due to economic changes.

Signs of the times we’re living in.  It’s not nice.  Not easy.  

My argument . . . ALWAYS be asking, “What business am I in?”  and be ready to adapt!

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