The Redneck Bank


picture-30OK, I kid you not . . . this is REAL!

Bank marketing — and the messaging that is a key part of it — may never be the same again.

Enter Redneck Bank.  They decided (wow!  a conscious decision and action!) not to be another ‘pretty face’ in the crowd of banks vying for customers’ deposits.  So they broke away and are using messaging that’s appropriate to their position.  

Years ago, AVIS rental cars chose a message to help differentiate them from HERTZ rental cars.  Remember?  “We’re number 2 . . . we (have to) try harder”.  Implication.  “Hertz . . . they’re number 1 . . . they could give a hoot about you”.  That was powerful then.  It’s powerful now.  So is what Redneck Bank is doing against all the “me-too” banks.

How can you use the power of a message to help you stand out from the crowd of your competitors?  Work on that one . . . and when you get an answer, run like you-know-what with it . . . all the way to YOUR bank . . . Redneck or not!

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