Do You Accept This From Your Prospects?

If this wasn’t so true . . . so sad . . . so pathetic . . . it would be funny.

What’s TRULY pathetic . . . is that these alleged buyers are getting reinforced to ask for . . . and expect so many people — in sales and in professional capacities — to go along for the ride.

I just read in a legal marketing forum that more and more lawyers are being asked — by their clients — to ‘adjust’ their fees . . . downward.  Or, else!

If you can relate, maybe you should get back in touch with the basics of selling . . . on the value you provide, not by the hourly fee you charge.

If you’d like to know someone who can help you with this . . . talk to me.  I have a relationship with TEM Associates a leading franchisee of Sandler Training who are excellent at helping professional service providers — like you — maintain profit margins and . . . their self-respect.

Interested?  Call me and I’ll set up an introduction for you . . . 860-798-6964.

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