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“What does a good advisor do?”


“Ask better questions . . . than the client knows to ask”

It’s become painfully obvious to me that I, myself, need a good advisor to help me with a challenge I’m having with something.

Why so ‘obvious’?  Simple.  I’m running out of time to live with the situation ‘as is’ and I’m all out of insights as to why I’ve got the problem in the first place.

When your clients experience a similar situation . . . where something ‘isn’t right’ in their world . . . and they’re clueless about both WHY that’s happening and HOW to correct the situation, you become the knight on the white horse . . . riding in with your insightful questions to shed light on the cause that calls for a cure.


Many times, you won’t even need to have the answers.  If you do, that’s a double bonus. But even if you’re only able to ask your client the questions that reveal the underlying cause or causes for the distressing symptoms (what clients call ‘the problem’) . . . then you’re providing significant value to your clue-less client.

As the surgeon told her patient who asked her to breakdown her bill, “Ok” she said.  “For the incision, surgery and suturing . . . 1% . . . knowing where to operate and why . . . 99%”.

And THAT . . . is why asking insightful, revealing questions . . . that are the first step in getting your clients what they want . . . is PRICELESS!

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