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I write a monthly column for The National

This is an online weekly publication with all kinds of great information and great contributing writers and tons of really excellent resources for business people.  But . . . as a writer, I still have to help myself get the word out.

Enter a little bit of self-promotion!

I graduated from The University of Connecticut.  On LinkedIn, like many schools, there is a group of UCONN alumni.  About 4,000 or so strong.

When I write an article, I let people know about it and this group is one of many venues to do that . . . as this image proves: (I”m the most popular article here in case you can’t read the image).


I also happened to have one of the most popular (measured by ‘views’ of my article) articles at The National Networker the same week as I began to post news of my article in various venues online.  Coincidence?  Hardly!  It all happened . . . by design, not by accident.

Here’s an email I received from Adam Kovitz — the publisher of The National Networker shortly after I decided to see what would happen if I promoted my week 1 article even though the current issue was already in week 3.  In other words, I was competing with a 3 week old article against more current articles:

Yes, my week 1 article became so popular that I made it into the ‘top 5’ articles in week 3 — even though my article came out 3 weeks earlier!  And, not to brag, but I managed to attract more views than Dr. Ivan Meisner, founder of BNI pulled in that same time period.  Not too shabby!

I’m sorry to disappoint you Adam, but there’s no ‘Voodoo’ involved.  Just basic online PR techniques that anyone can learn and use . . . simply, effectively and very affordably.

If you’ll do a few simple things with your online media opportunities, you can get yourself some meaningful visibility with people who may be interested in what you’re doing.  Once you get visibility, you’ll get traffic and getting traffic . . . well, you know where that goes . . . straight to your bank!

To learn more details on ‘How To’ do this same thing for your business, come to Session 7 of The Marketing Club where we discuss and show you how to use PR and Word-of-Mouth Marketing to get you and your business noticed so you can get more clients.

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