Chicken-Little is Alive and Well

  1. “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

Chicken-little was so sure the sky was falling that the entire barnyard was turned into a frenzied bunch of fearful characters.

There was no where near the basis for concern that Chicken-little claimed. But it didn’t matter. The survive-at-all-costs instinct kicked in and made every animal hyper-sensitive and act appropriately . . . IF . . . the sky was falling.

But it wasn’t. And neither is the economy, beaten up as it is, in a depression or a state of total collapse. It’s tough out there. No argument. But it’s not all that bad, either.

This is a wonderful time to do some marketing. Wisely, of course.

This economy is a gift! It’s your opportunity to focus on solid value propositions and service packages that are:

  1. clearly communicated,
  2. aligned around meaningful results, and
  3. ardently desired by your prospects

Oh yes, and listen to LESS radio and TV . . . we are what we hear and think about.  And if we get too much of the media talking about how the sky is falling . . . we’re more likely to believe it’s as desperate as they say.  Next thing, we get nervous and support a perception (it’s still reality, right?) of scarcity. That is not good for any of us.

Be a leader.  Don’t buy the media’s ‘message’.

Remember, it may sell papers but it is definitely not good for your mental health and future wealth.

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