Looking for a Social Network?


Social networks are everywhere.  And it seems everyone is on at least one.

At last count, you have hundreds of them to choose from.

The biggies are, of course:

  1. Facebook
  2. Myspace
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn

After these, your choices become practically ridiculous.

Regardless of which one (or, ones!) you choose, how much value you’ll realize from any social network reflects three factors:


This reflects the value of the content you get from the SN website.  It’s perhaps why you first visited a social networking website.  It’s definitely why you’ll return, too.


This reflects the degree to which the social network website ‘screens and cleans’ the information it makes available to you.  If a social network has millions of members (and all the above sites do!) you may find that the sheer volume of information it offers you is, well . . . overwhelming.  That’s not good.  If a site offers ways to make the information meaningful and manageable, that’s what you want!


This is probably the most essential factor in whether you’re a one-time visitor or an ongoing member.  Participation means you don’t just observe others comments, posts, etc. but that you become an active member of the social network site.


Whatever social network you choose . . . use these three factors to help you find the most productive and valuable one (or, ones!) for you and your business objectives.

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