The Power of Clarity

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I was on a telecall last week sponsored by my good friend, Carl Utter, President of The Training Group in the Philadelphia, PA area.

During the introductions of who was joining us on the telecall, a client of Carl’s mentioned that he worked with “NFL players” and that he was a financial advisor.

My ears perked up!  Here’s why . . .

Just recently, I was talking to someone else and she told me that she wanted to work with . . . “Professional Athletes”.

In that moment, I was able to make a key connection — that’s subsequently lead to a preferred introduction between my friend and Carl and, I hope, that will lead to a preferred introduction to his client, Fred . . . yep, the one who works with NFL players.

When you’re talking with people, make sure they know WHO you can be of service to . . . and make sure they will know WHAT constitutes a ‘person-of-interest’ to you . . . when they come into proximity of one!  If you don’t . . . you may miss out on some opportunities that you won’t want to miss!


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  1. Howard Howell
    Howard Howell says:

    Bill… I’m a fan and now I’m a follower. I just thought I’d leave a comment so you know that I was here.

    BTW, in keeping with the spirit of your post, I’d like to collaborate with you.

    Now my comment: After landing on your blogsite, I clicked on the “About Us” tab. I enjoyed reading about you but didn’t notice any others listed. For the purpose of clarity… are there more of you?



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