Being Attractive To Your Market

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In The Marketing Club™, we talk about knowing your VALUE PROPOSITION.

That’s what makes a prospect willing to pay you for the ‘beneficial difference’ you create in their life or business.

Seth Godin, blogs about three (3) ways to create ‘value’ that will always cause you to be employed.

He suggests the following:

  1. generate sales
  2. add value
  3. initiate constructive action

Revenue creators are financial necessities.  If you generate more than you cost a client, you’re going to be attractive to a prospect!

Value Adders — adding value to processes, people, systems, etc. that generates revenues and profits by increasing efficiency or effectiveness (net of your cost) is always in fashion.

Activity Initiators — being able to start any activity that no one else is doing but will add value to an organization . . . will make you pretty attractive, too.

When YOU think of what you offer your clients . . . which of these three ways to ‘add value’ and, therefore be attractive . . . are you offering your prospects and existing clients?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?


Is your value proposition designed to communicate what you do for a client in one or more of these three ways?

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