If You Build It . . . Will They Come?


If you’re new to social media, you may feel like this poor soul . . .

“Marcus The Milkman” . . . a (mercifully brief) video by Daniel Hayek:


Here’s the problem. Marcus has it all wrong. Well, sort of.

Social media — and social networks in particular — are grossly misunderstood and used improperly by many people in business.

When that happens, you can feel like good old Marcus here. And if that was as good as it gets, it would be a tragedy.

But, fact is, social network sites ARE productive for your business. BUT . . . you have to know how to use them effectively.

Social Networks and social media are quite effective. So’s a B-1 Bomber. But, without a qualified pilot, it’s just a big, fat paperweight.

If you want your social networking to pay off for you and your business . . . join The Marketing Club™ . . . and learn how to earn with it!

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