Packaging — What Prospects Want


untitled1What does a prospective client want from you?

Do you know? Can you say? What would that look like?

If you don’t know, can’t say or can’t show it, you risk of being an order-taker — someone who invites your prospect to tell you what they need or want.

I’d argue that abdicating your responsibility to know what a prospect needs from you is akin to allowing a patient to tell their doctor what to prescribe.

Seth Godin agrees. In this post, he makes the same point.

The true benefit of ‘packaging’ your problem-solving services in the first place, is how it communicates that you already know:

  1. what people want from you, and
  2. what that solution is supposed to look like

Once you have packaged your expertise to provide the ‘beneficial difference’ a member in your target market is seeking, you’ll never be guilty of order-taking again!

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