Who and What Is Relevant?

I just saw a map of the world that’s unlike any I’ve seen:


It reflects not geographic boundaries but population densities.

Odd, isn’t it.

When you RE-define the basis of your perception, you change the way things seem.

Now, Apply This To Your Marketing

What if, instead of using ‘gross revenues’ to evaluate your clients, you used ‘profit margin’ or even ‘value of referred business’.

What would THAT do to the way you see your clients? To the way you treat them? To the way you invest in them?

In America, we believe “All men are created equal”. But that doesn’t mean they all perform the same.

Analyze Your Clients

One of the key values you’ll gain by doing a client analysis is to realize not all clients offer you the same value. I submit therefore, you should treat them accordingly because of it.

Of course, you can’t do that unless / until you understand just who your clients are and what they’re offering you, can you?


Analyze your existing clients. Learn to discern who’s more (or, less) valuable to you and invest your attention on those who offer you the best ROI for your time, money and energy.

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