Duct Tape University Launches!

I just returned from a nice trip to Boulder, CO where the 2009 Annual Duct Tape Marketing Coaches ‘Gathering’ took place.

Among the many things I learned out west, was that the long-awaited Duct Tape Marketing University is now ‘officially’ launched  — Woo Hoo!


For many years, I’ve known John Jantsch, Founder of Duct Tape Marketing.  He’s one of the most prolific and incredibly brilliant people I know.  In fact, I often say that he must have cut a deal with the Devil (like Daniel Webster!) to be able to be doing everything he does and generate the volume of information on marketing for small businesses as he does each day.  He’s just incredible.

That’s why it’s also been so difficult to ‘capture his brilliance’ in a format that is highly focused and easily digested.

Until now.

Duct Tape Marketing University

At the 2009 Garthering, John announced the release of the first (of many more) programs that will be leveraging the Internet (where have you heard that before!) to provide timely, topical and extremely convenient access to money-making information that will make money for my clients.

Social Media PRO — The First Course

This is the initial offering from John’s Duct Tape Marketing University.

It’s designed to be a comprehensive course.  It is, too!

Over five (5) sessions . . . over  five (5) weeks . . . you learn how to turn the ‘sea of sewage’ — all the information that’s flowing on the Internet — into a ‘stream of value’ . . . that drives traffic to your website, and puts money in your bank account

Limited Time Offer!!

Because this is a brand new program, I’m still going through it myself.  It’s great.

While the course is ready, I’m not sure I am!  

Frankly, I’ve been one of the people who felt I should get more involved with social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

But truth be told, I felt social media sites were more of a confusing hassle that sucked away my time than put money in my bank.

Now, with Social Media PRO . . . that’s starting to change!

If you’re interested . . . check out this SPECIAL OFFER . . . I’m making to just 20 people who want to make social media make them money, not frustrated!

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