Actually, Failure IS An Option, IF . . .

Success in your business or professional practice is prone to risk-of-failure.  It’s also prone to risk-of-success.

Which outcome — success or failure — is more likely for you? It reflects how you handle six key aspects of your business:

  1. Finances:
    Management of money — from income to payout is very important
  2. Technology:
    Relying on outdated or inadequate technology is like running in lead boots
  3. Leadership:
    Every firm needs a vision and a CEO who, like Moses, can lead the troops toward that ‘Promised Land’
  4. Employee Management:
    The difference between your people and your profits is their performance . . . think about it and invest in their skills training
  5. Experience Management:
    What separates you from any other firm is the ‘experience’ prospects have with you.  Make yours the BEST available!
    And finally . . .
  6. Marketing:
    Identify, attract, convert and retain relationships with people who want what you do or . . . you’ll be in BIG trouble!

report-cardMARKETING is what makes all the other functions relevant and your business successful.

Without cash flowing into your business or practice, it doesn’t really matter if:

  • you’re using QuickBooks or not — there won’t be anything to put through it
  • your computers, smartphones, website, autoresponders, etc. are working — no one will notice
  • you have a vision, mission, strategic and operational plan . . . you’ll never get to carry them out
  • your staff can perform effectively in the positions you’ve created for them in your business — they’ll have ‘no work’
  • you’re ready to deliver a great experience or not — no one will know about you nor will they ever get to do so!

It really starts with your marketing.  EVERYTHING starts with your marketing, doesn’t it?

Are you honoring this truth by the amount of time, energy and resources you’re putting into marketing your business or practice relative to all the other ways you can invest your time, money and energies?

Should you be making any changes in this area?  Would a marketing coach or advisor help you make better decisions and experience better results?


Know your priorities.  In business, it’s marketing.  Marketing makes everything else possible.  Even if it doesn’t, you’ll be better able to afford to fix your technology, people, and operating systems than if you don’t!

Fail to do your marketing and you know what will hit the oscillating aerator machine faster than you’ll probably like!

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