Capturing Attention of Your Prospects

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This was a broadway musical based on the early life of comedy legend, Carl Reiner

It’s also a stage direction that a playwright uses to guide or direct an actor as they ‘enter’ a scene — e.g. “from stage left, enter laughing . . . ”

Entering The Play Going On Inside Your Prospect’s Head

Whether you enter laughing, crying, or anything else . . . your marketing messages will be more effective . . . more likely to attract the interest of qualified prospects . . . more likely to generate qualified responses to you . . . if you enter the conversation that’s already going on in the head of your prospect.

Your Prospect’s World Doesn’t (Naturally) Include You

I’m not saying that it can’t.  Or, won’t.  Just that it doesn’t normally include thoughts about you and your products and services.

The conversation going on in a prospect’s head, by the way, is happening whether you exist or not.

To quote the famous Miss Piggy of The Muppets fame, “Pardon Monsieur . . . it’s NOT about you.  It’s ALL about . . . Moi!”

Prospects Are Self-Centered

Prospects are like Miss Piggy.  They are centered on themselves.  It’s OK. It’s natural.  It’s normal.  It’s also something that, if you fail to recognize, accept and act upon accordingly . . . will cost you dearly.  How?  In lost revenues.  In revenues your more attentive competitors will be only to happy to collect . . . at your expense.

Do I have your interest, now?


Messages . . . starting with your headline, amplified in your copy and concluding with your offer . . . must address the challenges, frustrations and PAIN your prospects know personally, intimately and specifically.

Do that and your messages will be more attractive, compelling and response-able.

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