Lately, a number of business owners are telling me that their biggest challenge in ‘marketing’ is just . . . ‘Following Up’ with people after they initially make some kind of contact.

This goes beyond prospects, of course. I’m including clients and centers-0f-influence, too.

When I ask, “Why . . . is this an issue?” the most common answers are:

  1. “I have no PLAN to do it”
  2. “I have no CONTENT to send out”
  3. “I have no TIME to put it all together”
  4. “I have no STAFF to delegate this to”

Obstacles? Yes. Insurmountable? No. When you think about what you are losing out on if you don’t do ‘Follow Up’, you may decide these obstacles are worthy of your time and attention in this key area of your marketing.


If you don’t follow-up with prospects, clients and COI’s you’re committed to ‘hunting’ for a current transaction rather than ‘farming’ for a relationship that offers you many transactions over time. Just remember . . . while hunters enjoy a ‘thrill of the kill’, farmers . . . eat more regularly and better over time. Think about that and you’ll commit to ‘follow-up’ every time!

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