Like the famous Got MILK? commercials, I wonder if you ‘Got MOTS’ . . . Moments Of Truth.

Of course you do.  Why?  Because every contact with a client is a ‘Moment of Truth’.

Local business consultant, Carl Swanback wrote an article for the NGCOA (National Golf Course Owners Association) in which he makes an important point:
The EXPERIENCE a client has with your business . . . can make you or break you.

Your real challenge is managing . . . to create an attractive client experience consistently. Just remember that client BEHAVIOR follows their EXPERIENCE — good or bad — with you.

In this model I use in my consulting, you can see that the ultimate metric of your business’ success — REVENUE — reflects the degree to which you create experiences, consistently, that are emotionally pleasing to the people you wish to attract and keep as your clients.


  1. The EXPERIENCE you offer your client is the ultimate DRIVER of your success
  2. Effective management . . .  is the KEY to an attractive experience for your client
  3. A client’s experience (and, brand preference!) is . . . 100% under YOUR control
  4. Make sure the experience you GIVE . . . is the experience  your client WANTS