Listening — a Lost Art?


Sir William Osler (1849-1919), a renowned 17th century medical professor, believed that the best physicians were those who listened to their patients.

Dr. Osler said it best – “Listen to your patient – he is giving you the diagnosis.”

As business owners, we can all take a lesson from this wisdom.  Our clients, like a physician’s patients, can tell us so much IF . . . we will only LISTEN.  What’s troubling them?  What makes them lose sleep at night?  What do they fear?  What do they truly want but don’t have?

By listening to the concerns our clients trust us enough to share . . . we can respond by giving them what they truly want from our relationship — peace of mind.

Sometimes, that may require a specific service or product we can provide.  Sometimes, it’s just being open, receptive and curious enough about what’s happening with a client to LISTEN to whatever is of most concern or interest to them.

Listening . . . may be a lost art, but . . . it’s a key skill we all need to serve clients effectively