Making Your Messages Effective

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In marketing, messages are important. The best ones are also designed to prompt your reader or listener to take some kind of action.

There’s a formula for doing this that is easily remembered because of a famous Opera: AIDA.

Here’s how that works to help you create a meaningful and moving message:

A . . . ATTENTION. The first element of an effective marketing message. You need to ‘hook’ your reader’s attention or they won’t spend the time needed to get the rest of your message. An intriguing headline is usually the best way to do this.

I . . . INTEREST. The second element of a good message. This means appealing to the interests of your intended reader or listener – not about you, your product or service. That’s boorish. It’s also not interesting or helpful.

D . . . DESIRE. The third element. Effective marketing messages don’t just inform; they must also prompt people to take some action. How? Pain or Gain. These are basic human motivators.  PAIN . . . suggests a reason to act to avoid or stop Pain. GAIN . . . suggests a reason to act to maintain or enjoy something you want and value. Focus on either one and your message will be ‘motivational’.

A . . . ACTION. The last (but not least) element. OK, you’ve hooked someone’s attention, captured their interest, and stimulated their desire to do something.  Now what? Simple. Invite them to do something. In marketing, it’s called an ‘offer’ or ‘call-to-action’.  Make it a good one . . . and easy to take . . . and a qualified prospect for your business will take you upon on it more often than not.

Effective marketing messages are formulaic. AIDA is one such formula.  Once you know the ‘formula’, you can replicate it. And repeated use of a winning formula will help you go to the bank a little more often and . . . with a lot more money.

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