How To Be a Preferred Provider

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Being a ‘preferred’ provider, relative to your competitors, is good. It means you’re more likely to end up winning the ‘roses and tiara’ whenever you’re in a competitive situation.

Years ago a major accounting firm wanted to differentiate their audit services. It’s not possible. You have to be both unique AND beneficial. Ted Levitt, the Harvard Business School professor told them that. But he did interview their clients who hired this accounting firm to do their audit.

Ted learned these audit clients didn’t hire the firm because of how well they did an audit. They hired the firm because, “all things being equal” the prospective clients just liked their experience with this firm’s staff better than the other firms’ staff.

Standing out, favorably, to a prospective client depends less on your capabilities than on how prospects perceive you whenever they have an experience with you. Create the right impression – the one prospects want and expect – and you’ll be a ‘preferred’ provider every time!

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