Who’s Your Ideal Client?

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horsesSome years ago there was a company that manufactured a product used by groomers to make a horse’s mane and tail ‘look nice’.  It was called something like, “Mane and Tail” (obviously not the real name, but you get the basic idea).

As luck would have it, some of the horse groomers were women.  Adventurous women.  Women willing to give this product a try on their own hair!

The result?  They loved it!  It worked just as well at making their hair full and soft and shiny as it did for the manes of the horses they were grooming for horse shows and other competitive events.  Soon the word spread and sales began to rise.

After careful review of this ‘market research’, the manufacturer of this wonderful product decided that ‘women’ as well as ‘horses’ were in a unique position to benefit from this product. Even better, they learned that women were willing and able to pay a higher price for a product that did what this one did.  Next thing you know, the company ‘repackaged’ their product into a ‘for women only’ version, branded it as such and their sales went crazy.  Crazy good, that is.

Knowing who your ‘ideal client’ is will optimize your marketing’s impact on your revenues. Knowing WHAT you do and WHO cares to have you do it for them, can lead you to re-think who you’re seeking to attract as your client.  In fact, a periodic review may lead you to redefine WHO you want and WHY they want the ‘beneficial difference’ you can make in their life. And THAT . . . is powerful information for your marketing!