Lead Generation #2 of 3 – PR

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A client begins with a lead.  It may be ‘hot’ or, not.  It may be ‘qualified’ or, not.
Leads come from 3 primary marketing activities:  Advertising, Public Relations and Referrals.

Activity #2:  PR or Public Relations
PR is, as the name implies, all about building relationships with people of interest to your business or practice.  These may be prospects, existing clients or ‘raving fans’ of yours. Effective PR involves far more than mass distribution of a ‘Press Release’.  That’s easy.  And not all that effective.  To get decent results from PR you need to do 2 things:

Build relationships with relevant people.
PR begins by building relationships with people who can, if they wish, disseminate information about you and your firm. Identify people who have a voice your prospects will hear — writers of relevant publications, of course.
But also consider bloggers whose readers are people of interest to you.

Be worthy of promotion.
Media people detest self-centered, self-serving press releases.  They see through it.  They don’t use it. What does work?  News!  Useful information that will appeal to their readers, viewers, listeners.  When you do ‘release’ news, make sure it appeals to the people the media you’re contacting with it are seeking to serve.

Effective PR is about valuable information above all else. Media people love a good story.  Just make sure you’re not the center of it.  You’ll get a lot of goodwill and PR if you do.