Lead Generation #3 of 3: Referrals

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A client begins with a lead.  It may be ‘hot’ or, not.  It may be ‘qualified’ or, not.
Leads come from 3 primary marketing activities:  Advertising, Public Relations and Referrals.

Activity #3:  Referrals / Word-of-Mouth
Ask any service provider, “What’s your BEST source of of new clients?” They’ll say, “Referrals”.  Then ask them, “Are you getting enough referrals?” They’ll say, “Not really”.  Confusing, isn’t it?

Ironically, the best way to generate new client opportunities is not as productive as most providers would like. Here are two good reasons why this is so:

Factor 1: you have NO SYSTEM
Referrals don’t happen by accident.  They happen by design.  And having a ‘plan’ to generate referrals is essential.

Factor 2: you are NOT USING IT
Not having a referral system is one thing.  Not using it is another.  Often, this suggests a non-supportive attitude on the part of anyone who is expected to use your referral system.  If this is so, some form of attitude-adjustment may be required.

Generating referrals requires both a PLAN and an ATTITUDE that supports using it.