Bundling Services Boosts Revenues

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Would you like to work . . . TWICE as hard for HALF the money or HALF as hard for TWICE the money? Dumb question, isn’t it?

Well, you may be doing just that. Especially if you’re not bundling several services together to produce a result your clients desire.

If you visit any fast food restaurant, you’ll notice they offer ‘Value Meals’.  These are created by bundling several items together — usually a burger, a drink and fries and giving that ‘combination’ a simple name or even a number — e.g. “I’ll have a #3 with a small coffee”.

The brilliance of this is that you have a ‘complete solution’ to the problem of ‘I want to eat something’ and you just have to ask for one thing to buy several.  THINK ABOUT IT.

Bundling services to produce a desirable result makes it easier to buy several things with one decision. For you, this means more revenues, more easily generated.