Package Your Message

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If you can convey your value quickly, you may get a new client.
I was speaking with a friend about his business.  He lost me. He was into the ‘weeds of details’ about HOW his firm does what it does.  I just wanted to understand WHO cares about WHAT he does and WHY.

Consider a Package . . . it’s a ‘tidy bundle’ that expresses the value you offer in a way that invites inquiry by a qualified prospect.

The Hook
“How’s that work?” my friend asked.  “Well” I said, “Let’s say you’re at business meeting.  Someone asks, “What do you do?”  You tell them about your package — “We offer a People, Positions and Profits package”.  Now that’s got to capture some curiosity, right?

The Explanation
They’ll ask, “What’s that?”  You say . . . “Do you know how if you don’t have the right people in the right positions their performance suffers and hurts your profits? . . . Well, this service makes sure you have the right people in the right positions in your company so your profits are the best they can be.”

Create a Package you can use when you meet a prospect. Let your Hook connect the ’cause’ with the ‘effect’ someone may want to enjoy (or, avoid). Then, use your Explanation to make the connection and suggest the value you offer.  Try it.  It works!