Farming and Hunting

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Many, many years ago, humans were nomadic hunters who either ‘got lucky’ or, they ‘went hungry’.

Civilization took a huge step forward when we learned how to cultivate the land.  Hunting was exciting.  It was also risky.
Some starved to death.

Farming was less exciting.  But farmers ate well and fairly regularly.

Today, learning to cultivate relationships with your prospects, clients and Centers-of-Influence is a major key to generating a steady and recurring form of revenue opportunities for your business or practice.

1.  DECIDE how many times someone is likely to need your kind of services over time
2.  DETERMINE what percentage of those purchases you’re likely to provide
3.  ASK yourself, “Do I feel good about that?”  If not, then . . .
4.  COMMIT to getting a bigger piece of that ‘pie’ than you’re getting now!