Growing Your Revenues


Good topic, right?  Here are three strategies to do this:

1.  Increase Your Opportunities
2.  Improve Your Selling Skills
3.  Increase Your Average Client Transaction

Today, let’s consider the first strategy:

Option 1: Increase Your Opportunities
Years ago I was in a workshop where an attorney in the Advanced Underwriting department of an insurance company (Connecticut Mutual Life) shared a brilliant insight with the group.

He asked the producers assembled, “How many of you came here to learn new ideas?” Then he asked, “How many of you came here to learn how to make more money?” Next he asked, “How many of you believe that learning new ideas will, by itself, cause you to make more money?” The answer was obvious.  Finally he said this, “Folks, if you took the next few days and learned NOTHING NEW . . . except how to see twice as many people as you do now . . . you’d double your income, wouldn’t you?”. That hit home with me.  I hope it hits home with you, too.

If you are competent to do what you do, increasing your ‘new seens’ will increase your income.