I love the expression, “If you seek to be everything to everyone, you end up being special to no one”

So often we see marketing that promotes the firm or product or service more than what interests the very person that marketing is supposed to appeal to — the prospective client. Why is that? I suspect two things.

First, IGNORANCE.  If you don’t know what matters to your prospect, it’s pretty difficult to craft your marketing message around that . . . isn’t it?

Second, INDOLENCE.  It’s not difficult to survey your clients, learn what they want and how to best position yourself, your firm or brand against the competition.  Unfortunately, many people and firms don’t seem to care to do their homework.

Focus . . . means finding the ‘remarkable distinction’ that aligns what you do really well and your ideal clients really want.  Get that correct and your marketing will not only make sense, it will make you lots of money.

Narrow your focus . . . find your passion . . . leverage your position . . . build revenues