Prime The Testimonial Pump

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Alright.  You’ve now found a major OBSTACLE, a BENEFIT that outweighed it, as well as a single FACTOR that produced it.  Now what?  Go for more!  Focusing on one factor effectively ‘primed’ your client’s mental pump.  Now it’s time to leverage that opportunity you’ve created.

“Besides the benefit you cited, what are 3 other BENEFITS that you’ve enjoyed by using my services?”

Here’s the logic.  It’s easier to expand on a single, specific benefit than it is to come up with 3 benefits ‘out of the blue’.  It’s about ASSOCIATION.  If someone says, “I find I’m getting to work faster and easier” it’s relatively easy to think of how that means that . . . “I get more work done now” or “It’s easier to get my boss to notice me” or “I’m less stressed when I get to work”.  See how a ‘root’ benefit naturally leads a client to see the implications of it?

Once you ‘uncork’ the benefit bottle, the contents (related benefits) will start to flow.

Leverage the initial benefit to learn new ones your service produces for your clients.