Question 1: “Why Us?”


Why do people perceive you and your business to be remarkable?

In The Referral Machine™ consultation project, you learn that being refer-able requires being remark-able. If people don’t find you remarkable, why would they refer anyone to you?  As John Jantsch, Founder of Duct Tape Marketing likes to say, “People don’t refer a BORING business”.

Survey Your Best (and, most recent!) Clients
When you do, you’ll want to learn several very specific things by asking equally specific questions.  Here’s the first one:

What moved you to choose our firm?”
This is NOT about what someone needed or wanted from you.  It’s about why you / your firm was the ‘Preferred Provider’ of the service you render.  You want to learn WHY, after the ‘beauty contest’ was over, your firm was the one wearing the tiara and carrying the roses!

Learn why you ‘stand out’ to the people who vote on your ‘value proposition’ with their checkbooks and pocketbooks and you have quite a powerful insight . . . one that will help you identify and maintain the competitive edge that will drive you to the bank a little more often, with a lot more money!

Learn why your firm ‘Stood Out’ from the competitors as a PREFERRED PROVIDER