Question 2: “Who ELSE . . . and . . . WHY?”

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As helpful as it is to learn why YOU are so attractive to your Ideal Client, you’ll also want to know who else might be your client’s ‘Next Best . . . Fling’. So here’s question #2:
“If I wasn’t available to work with you . . . WHO ELSE would you consider using to gain the benefit I’ve provided to you?

Don’t take it personally, but you’re never the only fish in the sea.  Granted, you looked like the BEST fish to your client.  But there are others. There always are. So you want to know WHO ELSE your Ideal client is aware of and WHY they’d consider using them.

Asking ‘who else’ reveals your serious competitors.  Asking ‘why’ your Ideal Client feels they merit consideration reveals their value proposition.  This helps you position yourself and your services relative to your true competition.  A friend of mine – Fred Wergeles – calls this ‘competitive intelligence’.  Intelligence and insight are always good to have!

Learning who your competition is and why they’re attractive will help you remain more competitive!