Question 3: “What Would You Change?”

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“Change Happens” is a great saying.  Substitute anything else you’d like for ‘change’, but it does happen.  And growth accompanies it.  Usually.  Your business is no exception.

Feedback Makes You MORE Remark-able and Refer-able
Problem is . . . we don’t invite feedback about what we might want to change.  Not often enough.  Not from our clients.  But they know us best.  Right?  So invite feedback –– not to beat yourself up, but to make yourself and your business as competitive as possible!

So Question #3 is:  “WHAT would you change about our business . . . and, WHY?”
Listen closely.  You’ll hear opportunities to be even more remarkable than you are now.

Learning WHAT your best clients would change and WHY will keep you competitive, remarkable and very referable, too.