What’s Your Problem?

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Are you FRUSTRATED by your prospects?
Are people just not ‘getting’ how fortunate they are to work with you? Do you find yourself compelled to sell the value you offer . . . a little harder than you like?

Maybe you’re appealing to the WRONG people. David Sandler, founder of Sandler Training used to say, “There are no bad prospects.  Only bad salespeople.  He was correct.

Marketing’s no different.  Your service is probably fine BUT . . . your targeting may be off.

You may be wondering, erroneously, “Is something wrong with my product or service?”. In fact, there may be nothing wrong at all.  Nothing, that is, except that you’re appealing to people who simply cannot understand, value and act upon the great value you’re offering.

If people aren’t appreciating what you do . . . change WHO you’re appealing to!