Buffalo . . . “For Real”


You’ve heard of “I Love NY”.  It’s a tagline.  Some argue a tagline should offer a benefit.  Many feel the new tagline for Buffalo, NY is more confusing than tantalizing.  I disagree.

One reason for a tagline is to stand out to people who see or hear it.  This recent offering has done that.

In a post on Advertising Age, an industry resource, this new logo / tagline combo has generated a LOT of response and activity.  Some love it.  Some hate it.

But here’s my point . . . No one is missing it!

I don’t believe that, “any PR is good . . . even if it’s bad PR”.  But if any message is going to ‘stand out’ to the audience you want to get it . . . it better be distinctive.  Buffalo’s new tagline definitely is.  It’s different.  It’s distinctive.  That . . . is why it works!

An outstanding Message . . . must, in fact, STAND OUT to be effective!