MEDIA: The Connections You Make


So often in marketing we hear the word MEDIA and images of TV, radio and print publications spring into our mind’s eye.  And those are all legitimate media for communicating with your marketplace.

But as Robert Frost, the Vermont poet, wrote about in his famous poem “The Road Less Traveled . . .” there are many media which are ‘less obvious’ but no less effective.  Actually, they may be even more effective in some ways and for some practitioners.

What any medium of communication must do is help you connect with people in the market/s you seek to attract and serve.  When you frame the issue that way, suddenly you realize that maybe ‘mass’ media not only isn’t effective for you but it’s very expensive relative to the results you might see from it.

Consider offering less ‘advertising’ that’s about you and more ‘helpful information’ that’s more about your prospective client.  A well-written report on ‘How To . . .” do something your prospects want to do but don’t know how (like how to hire the right firm in your field!) will not only be attractive but differentiates you as a possibly ‘Trust-worthy Advisor’.

Choosing media for your marketing is a key element in your overall marketing planning and activities