Differentiate? Try Providing Value!

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In traditional (i.e. retail) marketing, you’ll hear the term “USP”.  This stands for Unique Selling Proposition.  It’s why we associate ‘New and Improved’ as being synonymous with ‘Better’ than other items in the same category.

That’s OK for ‘detergents’ or ‘lawn tractors’.  But if you’re selling a service, you don’t need to worry about being seen as being ‘unique’ as much as you want to be seen as ‘valuable’.

So while your position is important, you want to be known for being VALUABLE more than UNIQUE.  If you want to be unique, wear a pink suit . . . I guarantee you’ll stand out.

But if you’re providing real, meaningful and tangible VALUE . . . you’ll stand out to your marketplace . . . and in a far more attractive way.

Positioning . . . is about being known for being valuable more than unique