“Who Loves Ya, Baby?”


Telly Savalas, the actor who played the TV detective “Kojac” used that as his ‘signature’ line.

In marketing, that means knowing who can best:

  • UNDERSTAND . . . what you do for your clients
  • DESIRE . . . the benefits you offer your clients
  • AFFORD . . . to pay a fair price to work with you

Many people in business think, erroneously, that ‘everyone is a prospect’.  Not so.

You have such limited resources of time, money, energy, network connections, etc. that, quite frankly, you can’t afford to think that way. Because if you do, you risk being unfocused, inefficient, ineffective and decidedly non-profitable.  Not good.

Do some work ––  create a profile or picture of your Ideal Client.  Put a name and a face on this person.  Fill in all the particulars — hopes, fears, dreams, frustrations you can address (and those you can’t!).  Then you’ll have something that will focus your marketing and make it far more likely to be productive and profitable.

Profile your Ideal Client . . . knowing who your target is . . . is a big key to hitting it!