A Great Experience Builds Client Loyalty

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I have a great CLIENT EXPERIENCE that I must share with you.

This is Kelly Kerr.  Kelly works at The Rain Group — a marketing consulting firm outside of Boston, MA and the principals of that firm — John Doerr and Mike Schultz — should be so proud of her.

I needed help finding an article I wanted but couldn’t locate. I called The Rain Group to see if they could direct me to a source for it.  Kelly answered my call and said, “Let me see what I can find and I’ll get back to you”. Believe it or not, she did.  She really did!  Not only did Kelly track down the article (from my old friend, Ian Brodie in the UK no less!) but she called me back within the hour!  I was flabbergasted.  Delighted.  And definitely flabbergasted.

Thankfully, The Rain Group had the brains to hire this delightful young lady.  Then, they had the confidence to leave her in a ‘front line’ position (most of the staff was out of the office when I called).  They also empowered her to ‘do the right thing’ to keep the clients happy.  And I bet her parents and teachers had a lot to do with instilling in Kelly a sense of stewardship for her ‘guests’ happiness and well-being.

If you have any interest in great content and thought-leadership in the area of service practice marketing, I urge you to visit their website and become a RainToday.com member.  I just renewed my membership and it’s a better ROI than the money I put in the market these days.  If you’re so inclined, maybe you should just call The Rain Group at 508-405-0438 and speak with Kelly Kerr. You’ll be very impressed.  Just like I am.

Hire ‘natural stewards’, empower them to act ‘as if’ they’re the COO then get the heck out of their way!  Your clients will think you’re a genius!  Thank you Kelly Kerr –– you’re my inspiration of the day!