“I Don’t Wanna Do It!”


It’s not easy!  It’s not fair!  I don’t wanna do it!  Why are you picking on me?  You can’t make me do it.

Sound familiar?  The lovely moments of pre-adolescent children developing an individual personality.

Actually, no.  The comments made by clients who want the results but not the responsibility of doing what must be done to generate results.  I call this the ‘I would rather write a check than break a sweat’ personality.

Nothing wrong with it.  As long as you recognize it and are will to pay ‘somebody’ to do what ‘anybody’ could do.  But if ‘nobody’ is left to do it, it won’t get done, will it?

If you see yourself in this same role as a marketing client (or, any other kind for that matter) it’s OK.  Just own it.  Then find a way to do what must be done to get the results you want.

Somebody must do what’s needed.  If not you, then WHO?